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Tokyo Motor Show Becomes “Japan All-Industry” Show Again

“We want to rename next year’s Tokyo Motor Show the Japan All-Industry Show, going beyond the mobility industry, with all of Japan’s industry working as one team, including startups.” , said Toyoda. “We aim to create a totally new show, transforming it in both name and reality.”

Toyoda did not specify the scope of the number of sectors and companies that could be included.

In April 2021, JAMA canceled the biennial Tokyo show scheduled for the fall of that year, closing the event for the first time in its history, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last June, JAMA decided to relaunch the show in 2023 with the theme “Green and Digital” – an initiative to showcase the Japanese auto industry’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Under the leadership of Toyoda, who is also chairman of Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s largest automaker, the Tokyo Motor Show pulled back from the abyss at its final rally in 2019, after years of declining attendance and growing irrelevance on the world stage. .

Toyoda set a target of attracting 1 million visitors and the 12-day show ended with over 1.3 million attendees. This was a 70% increase from 771,200 visitors in 2017.

Attendance had fallen rapidly, from 902,800 visitors in 2013 to 813,500 in 2015. In 1991, the show swelled with a record 2.02 million people.

The number of international exhibitors also declined as European and American automakers turned their attention and marketing money to China.

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