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Tokyo Motor Show 2023 will be renamed Japan All-Industry Show

On May 19, 2022, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association announced that it was changing both the name and scope of the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show. Going forward, the new name will be Japan All Industry Show, a name intended to emphasize the unity of multiple mobility industries working together to move people.

The reasons for this change have evolved organically over the past few years. For those who don’t know, the last Tokyo Motor Show took place in 2019, before the global pandemic. JAMA noted that because other industries outside of the traditional automotive industry were also involved, the event drew 1.3 million visitors. Although it’s still focused on automobiles, by including other types of vehicles, it has achieved a long-standing goal of attracting over a million attendees, which is certainly no small feat.

Another reason is that all industries involved in mobility are currently changing. JAMA’s official position, as its board discussed elsewhere in the same press conference, is that carbon is the enemy, not combustion. Thus, he says, there is a need to research multiple ways to reduce carbon emissions for the health of the environment.

As traditional industry players and startups take different paths when it comes to carbon-neutral transportation, the nature of the show is changing. In the interest of including as many interrelated parts of the Japanese automotive, motorcycle and mobility industries as possible, therefore JAMA felt that 2023 was the time to expand both the name and the scope of the living room.

The show itself, JAMA says, will also be completely revamped, though it didn’t give details on what exactly will be involved. Instead, he only noted that people should look forward to the new and improved event. According to the association, acting together across all industries is the best way for everyone involved to move forward with the goal of improving transportation and establishing its place in promoting a healthy environment.

Of course, saying these things is only part of it. How the show comes together – and more importantly, how the combined industries work together to tackle such important societal issues as climate change – are much bigger and less easily defined pieces of the puzzle. . For all of this, we will have to watch and see what happens.

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