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These are the best cars unveiled at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show

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  • Thanks to the Corona virus, the Geneva motor show was canceled this year, but all the stars of the show were virtually unveiled

    Words from Erin Baker, Editorial Director of Self-merchant

    Here is our selection of the best cars revealed …

    Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

    Volkswagen Group

    The show has to go to this stunningly beautiful, exclusive and handcrafted Bentley, for its combination of classic luxury styling and new levels of bespoke craftsmanship (check out this space for our next post on the latest car design from British luxury). Mulliner is Bentley’s body shop department, which means it’s responsible for special editions, bespoke styling inside and out, and top levels of craftsmanship and materials. Only 12 of the two-seater convertibles will be built, and all of them are counted.

    Automobili Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

    Geneva Motor Show

    Mahindra Group

    This crazy Italian electric hypercar makes the Bentley look like a car for the masses. Only five will be built, and each will cost from 2.6 million euros. The car has a top speed of 217 mph and is intended to encapsulate “a new height of desirability for durable and luxurious electric cars.” It will also be blazingly fast, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in under two seconds, which is fast in Formula 1, thanks to 1,900 horsepower on board. Blink and you’ll miss it, literally.

    Cupra Formentor

    Geneva Motor Show

    Cupra was once the sporting badge used by the Spanish brand Seat, but has now separated from its own brand, which stands for high performance. The Formentor is the first car of the new independent brand and it is a more streamlined version of the Ateca SUV. It’s a plug-in hybrid with up to 31 miles of electric power alone, and just might turn out to be one of the unsung heroes of the series, ticking a lot of consumer boxes …

    Peugeot 208

    Geneva Motor Show

    PSA Group

    This isn’t a revelation, as it’s already on sale, but it was named World Car of the Year, and for good reason: it’s arguably the prettiest little city hatchback available today, and it comes with a range of motors or an electric version which is really really tasty.

    Audi A3

    Geneva Motor Show

    Volkswagen Group

    One of the most popular family sedans on sale in the UK, the A3 has had a facelift. This car rivals the Mercedes Class A, VW Golf, BMW 1 Series, Honda Civic, Mazda3, Renault Clio, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus… the list goes on. There is now a smooth on-board hybrid engine system, sharper driving character and a new interior.

    Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

    Geneva Motor Show

    Aston Martin

    A svelte design for a smart British luxury convertible sports car and Aston’s entry-level model. The unveiling of the Vantage Roadster is an act of celebration for Aston, which is celebrating 70 years since the Vantage name was first used on one of its cars. The brand also unveiled a limited-edition V12 Speedster – just 88 units will be built by Aston’s bespoke division, Q by Aston Martin, priced at £ 765,000 each.

    McLaren 765 LT

    Geneva Motor Show

    McLaren Group

    The “LT” badge stands for “Longtail” which denotes the hardcore, stripped-down and more track-oriented variants of its supercars. So the 765LT is a true monster, with carbon fiber racing seats, no carpet, a noisy exhaust and, as the name suggests, 765 horsepower from its twin-turbo V8 engine.

    Fiat 500e

    Geneva Motor Show

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

    Fiat’s most popular car, the small Fiat 500, goes all-electric in the 500e version, which makes perfect sense for this urban runabout. The arrival of the electric version also announces a makeover for this car, with more slender headlights and a less sparkling silhouette. This car is ready to compete with the Electric Mini.

    Kia Sorento

    Geneva Motor Show

    Hyundai Motor Company

    A successful and daring reinvention of this stoic seven-seater family SUV, which has been around for years and is still one of the top five performing large SUVs in terms of value, space and reliability. The new version looks great. At launch, a diesel hybrid and a diesel engine will be offered, followed by a plug-in hybrid.

    Mazda MX-30

    Geneva Motor Show


    Mazda’s first pure-electric car will arrive in the UK next year and, unsurprisingly, it’s a five-seater SUV – still the best-selling form of car in the UK. Reserve yours for £ 800, for delivery next year.

    Bmw i4

    Geneva Motor Show


    Unveiled as a concept, the i4 nonetheless shows what the real production i4 will look like when it goes on sale. This is BMW’s purely electric and sporty ‘Gran Coupé’, which essentially means all the sexy styling of a slim coupe, but with four doors for ease of access. The model is a higher-performance version of the top-selling 3-Series sedan, with a 0-62mph time of around four seconds.

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