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The Salisbury Motor Show wowed visitors in the Market Square

The Salisbury Motor Show returns for the first time in four years to surprise visitors with a fantastic range of cars.

Working in partnership with the British Motor Show and sponsored by Marshalls, the Salisbury show aimed to be a ‘good family day’ for all.

Andy Entwistle, 52, CEO of the British Motor Show, explained that the Salisbury show is a “taste” of the bigger Farnborough motor show coming in August.

Andy said: “We really wanted to bring something cool to this town. It’s very interactive – we have giant skalextrics, a driving simulator, but the aim is to create a great family day out.

“We’re just trying to create something a little different for everyone.”

The event served its purpose, the whole market square was filled with people of all ages enjoying the show and taking photos with the cars, not just petrolheads.

Les Rose, 76, has owned his Austin Healey Sprite Mark I for 43 years and uses it “all year round in all weathers”.

Les isn’t an engineer, he’s a biologist, and it took 15 years to restore every part of the car himself. He said: “At that time, I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it again, so I had to do my best, and I have to say, it looked pretty good!

“When I was working I used it as a company car. It all started when my parent took me for a ride in his and I loved it.

Les bought the car for £700 but explained that it is now insured for £20,000, around five times in real terms what he paid.

Sporting Bears, a car club established in 1989, has offered ‘dream rides’ in a range of super and classic cars for donations, 100% of which go to Saxon Wood Special School for children with physical and complex medical needs.

We had a “dream” testing experience

Dream ride in a Lotus Exige Sport 410 with Sporting Bears!

Posted by Salisbury Journal on Sunday, May 29, 2022

Michael De Sousa Macedo, 53, of Sporting Bears, explained how the dream rides work: “You come to the event, check out our call wall listing all our cars with stats, choose your car from our eclectic mix and give us a minimum donation based on the car.

“Drivers volunteer to pay for their own fuel and maintenance, we pay credit card charges and 100% of donations go to children’s charities.”

Ray Proudly, 67, brought his Wiltshire-registered classic mini cooper, he described the car as a ‘rare survivor’.

Ray added: “It’s special because it’s a Wiltshire car and still lives in Wiltshire, 62 years after it was registered.”

The next British Motor Show event will be held in Farnborough from 18-21 August 2022 and tickets are available on their website.

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