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The best cars from the canceled 2020 Geneva Motor Show

Among all the worries related to the coronavirus, the cancellation of a motor show in Switzerland is probably not in your top 10.

Nevertheless, the last-minute cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show (arguably the most important trade event for the automotive industry) due to the Covid-19 outbreak is a big deal. The announcement came just three days before members of the media were expected to arrive, and it is the first cancellation of the show since World War II.

But the dozens of brands set to launch new vehicles, from Porsche to Bentley to Koenigsegg, don’t give up so easily. After all, they spent months preparing for the 11-day event and were willing to shell out as much as $20 million for the privilege.

Whether they broadcast their announcements live from the empty Palexpo convention center or took their show on the road, automakers have found a way to publicize their new electric vehicles, hypercars and large passenger cars . Below, we’ve outlined which ones you should put on your automotive wishlist.

Only 12 versions of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar will be built. Yes, they are already sold. (Bentley)


Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

  • What do you want to know: Introducing the Bacalar grand tourer is Bentley’s way of focusing on the ultra-luxury market, not just your run-of-the-mill luxury market. Only 12 will be built, and owners will “work closely with a team of specialist designers” to customize their vehicles. The Mulliner label traces its coachwork roots back to 1559 (when coaches meant literal cars), and Bentley says the division will focus on that premium personalized experience as part of a new three-pronged vision defined as “Coachbuilt, Classic and Collections”. .”
  • Price: £1.5m (about $1.96m), but you don’t have to worry about that as all 12 are “already allocated”. Bentley says you can ask to join the waitlist, though.
Blue roadster driving in the country

Looks like the same big Plus Four, until you open it up. (Morgan Motor Co.)

Morgan Motor Company

Morgan plus four

  • What do you want to know: Morgan Motor Company has offered this roadster in one form or another since 1950. The drastically revised 2020 version retains the styling of the 1930s but swaps 97% of the parts (including the steel ladder frame for a new bonded aluminum platform ) for a more modern vehicle and driving experience.
  • How it was created: The car was already in Geneva, so the Morgan team took an impromptu road trip, ending with a launch event at their factory.
  • Price: It starts at £62,995 in the UK (just over $82,000), but it’s not currently available in the US As we wrote recently, that should change within a year.
Four-seater megacar with retractable doors

Want a family car that can also go 248 mph? Then you need the Gemera. (Koenigsegg)


Koenigsegg Gemera

  • What do you want to know: The Swedish automaker for the 0.1% knows owning a hypercar can be lonely, with only room for your accountant, lawyer or modeling partner in their multimillion-dollar two-seaters. Thanks to the Gemera, you can take them anywhere! It’s Koenigsegg’s first four-seater, but it also breaks the mold with its hybrid powertrain that produces a ridiculously expected 1,700 horsepower.
  • Price: Only 300 copies will be made and, according to Top Gear, they will cost around 1.7 million euros (or about $1.9 million) each. It’s actually a steal for a Koenigsegg – it’s their cheapest model currently available.
Black electric vehicle concept car

Is this the new Tesla? No sir, it’s the new Hyundai Prophecy. (Hyundai)


Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV

  • What do you want to know: While electric vehicles have opened up the possibility of a renaissance in automotive design, most brands have done one of two things: copy Tesla or drive the same crossover cliff as gas-powered vehicles. Hyundai is not not copy Tesla with the Prophecy concept, but we see it more as friendly competition, akin to the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. Hyundai calls the design language “Optimistic Futurism”, and you can expect to see similar styling on future electric vehicles – hopefully in the near future.
  • Price: Not to sell.
Porsche coupe driving on the highway

It’s never a bad time to buy the latest Porsche, as the new 911 Turbo S makes very clear. (Porsche SA)

Porsche AG

Porsche 911 Turbo S

  • What do you want to know: The new 911 Turbo model, available as a coupé or cabriolet (cabriolet), gets a new 3.8-litre six-cylinder to go along with the two VTG turbochargers. In short, this means increased acceleration, power and torque. If you’re looking for the ultimate Geneva daily driver, this is it.
  • Price: Starting at $203,500.
Orange long tail luxury supercar
Air conditioner? Where we’re going, we don’t need air conditioning. (McLaren Automotive)

McLaren 765LT

  • What do you want to know: Because it’s a McLaren, we first have to point out that yes, you can drive this thing on city streets. But the British marque appears to be testing the limits of road legality with the 765LT, going so far as to avoid air conditioning and a sound system to keep weight down (although those amenities are available at no cost if you really want them). As the name suggests this is the latest addition to the Longtail series and as the design suggests it is based on their 720S. Although the specs are noteworthy, as always – 755 horsepower, 590 lb-ft. torque, 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds – it’s the details that will draw you in, like the exclusive carbon fiber components.
  • Price: It’s not announced yet, though. Car and driver estimates it at $375,000. Only 765 models will be made and McLaren is already accepting “expressions of interest”.
Hypercar made in the USA

Want to take your made in USA commitment to a new level? Buy the Czinger 21C made in California. (Czinger Vehicles)

Czinger vehicles

Czinger 21C

  • What do you want to know: Although there was much disappointment rounding out the cancellation from Geneva, Czinger was perhaps the hardest hit – the California-based automaker was set to make its global debut as a company during the event. The 21C (which stands for 21st Century) is their first offering, a limited-edition in-line hybrid single-seat hypercar that cranks out an insane 1,250 horsepower and is built from an even crazier 3D printing-like process. If you’re wondering whether or not to trust a new company like this, founder Kevin Czinger is also behind electric vehicle company Coda Automotive, and vehicles are “designed, built and manufactured in Los Angeles”. If you’re interested in buying, we bet they’ll let you come take a look.
  • Price: Only 80 of these will be made, in road and track-oriented configurations, and according to Forbes, they will start at around $1.7 million.

Please note: we will continue to update this space as new releases are announced.

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