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Tesla’s Tri-Motor Model X is now $15,800 more than it was last week

Tesla vehicle prices are skyrocketing day by day, with a further increase added on Monday evening, according to driveteslacanada.

The new price increase comes just a week after the company’s long-range vehicle variants received a price hike. This time, however, the price increase applied to Tesla’s full lineup.

Those looking to order the Tesla Model X Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive should now pay $15,800 more than last week, when the most affordable Model 3 rear wheel drive now costs $1,390 more.

Musk has spoken out on rising inflation over the past few months, which, coupled with an ongoing conflict that is likely to escalate, is the perfect recipe for higher commodity and metals costs.

Check out the recent price increase in Tesla’s vehicle catalog below:

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model S: $121,990 to $128,990 (+$7,000)

Model S Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive: $169,990 to $177,990 (+$8,000)

Model 3 rear wheel drive: $59,990 to $61,380 (+$1,390)

Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range All-Wheel Drive: $68,990 to $71,990 (+$3,000)

Model 3 Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive Performance: $76,990 to $81,490 (+$4,500)

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model X: $132,990 to $146,990 (+$14,000)

Model X Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive: $168,490 to $184,290 (+$15,800)

Model Y Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range: $78,990 to $82,990 (+$4,000)

Model Y dual-motor all-wheel-drive performance: $85,290 to $89,290 (+$4,000)

In other Tesla and Elon Musk-related news, the company recently recalled thousands of vehicles in the United States over a Boombox feature, and Musk is feeling bad and wants to take on Russian President Vladimir Putin in “single combat.”

Image credit: Tesla

Going through: driveteslacanada

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