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Nissan joins the LTO car show

The Nissan LEAF

Nissan Philippines was at the forefront of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Motor Show, which took place May 24-27 at LTO Central on East Avenue, Quezon City. The four-day event celebrated the 110th anniversary of the founding of the government agency.

Since Nissan participates under the Electric Vehicles Association of the Philippines or EVAP, its all-electric vehicle LEAF was the highlight of the exhibit. The company introduced the LEAF’s V2L (vehicle to charge) technology, where several household appliances such as a coffee maker, electric fan, chest freezer and charging station are powered solely by the car’s battery through a unit Power Mover, highlighting the electric vehicle. role in efficient energy management.

This shows the many uses of the LEAF in situations where electricity may not be readily available, such as at off-grid campsites, which could help advance ecotourism in the country, or following a disastrous calamity, as it could prove very useful in disaster relief. and rescue operations.

LTO Motor Show attendees were also able to drive the Nissan LEAF to let them experience the power of the electric vehicle first-hand, as well as learn more about the benefits of embracing electric mobility.

Joining the LTO Motor Show is a way for Nissan Philippines to further strengthen its influence in the field of electrification. Last January, Nissan took another step towards sustainable mobility with the launch of Blue Switch. With this initiative, the company is building its long-term vision of becoming a sustainable company that is moving towards a safer, smarter and more inclusive future.

Nissan Philippines has since showcased the V2L capability of its electric vehicle, partnering with government and private institutions to promote more efficient energy use in the country.

“Now that we have launched the Blue Switch campaign in the Philippines, the next phase for Nissan is to continue showcasing the V2L capability of the LEAF which can help address social concerns such as disaster relief, ecotourism and energy management, etc. We also want to continue educating the market as government and more private organizations begin to show their support for electrified mobility,” says Dax Avenido, Chief Communications Officer.

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