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NIO confirms more ET5 details at Chengdu Motor Show, pre-production units start – EV

Written by Claudio Afonso | [email protected] | LinkedIn | Twitter

Electric vehicle maker NIO said via its official app on Wednesday that the first batch of pre-production vehicles from the ET5 production line officially rolled off the production line at NIO’s second plant at NEO Park in Hefei, China. China.

The company confirmed that the achievement confirms “the start of the production line to formally verify the vehicle’s small-batch production capability to ensure that all parts are in salable condition.”

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Additionally, NIO has confirmed that more details – namely the interior of the ET5 – will be revealed at the Chengdu Motor Show which will take place in the coming days in southern China.

“The ET5 is getting closer and closer, and we will bring you more information about the ET5 at the Chengdu Auto Show on August 26,” NIO said.

The electric vehicle maker detailed the next steps saying the production line “will continue to improve the quality status of parts and vehicles”, followed by improving “the operational skills of production line personnel”. . Then, NIO will proceed to check the small batch mass production operations and finally make the production line capable of mass production.

At the same time, regulatory certification work for components such as smart cockpits and instruments is also being carried out simultaneously at this stage. When the pre-production stage of the production line is completed, we will usher in the final mass production stage of ET5

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Earlier this week, NIO released a video of the shipping process for 200 NIO ET7 units confirming EV’s recent report on August 11, the day the ship left China’s Lianyungang Port.

In addition to this ship, Germany and Norway received another batch of NIO’s largest sedan, albeit in smaller quantities considering its end goals: road tests, internal road tests and presence in showrooms. exposure.

Last week, NIO CEO William Li was seen in San Francisco with NIO US Real Estate Manager Scott Lifschultz touring multi-story buildings in preparation for the first NIO home in the States. -United.

Earlier in the week, Li visited NIO’s US headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, where the company has its R&D center for autonomous driving. As EV recently reported, NIO Inc. plans to enter the US market in 2025 and deploy the first battery swap station in the country in November.

During the last NIO Day, which was held in December 2021, the company said that it plans to be present in more than 25 countries and regions by 2025. The map displayed during the presentation includes countries such as the United States, Australia, France and Japan, omitting countries such as Canada and Brazil.

Written by Claudio Afonso | [email protected] | LinkedIn | Twitter


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