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New Munich Motor Show promises to be a disappointing affair, only three VW Group brands will appear

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench into the auto show calendar, but one of the biggest changes has been the death of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) has announced plans to move the show to Munich, after its contract with Messe Frankfurt expires.

The show is still set to take place in September, but it will apparently be a much smaller affair. In particular, Auto News Europe reports that only three Volkswagen Group brands will be present, including Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen. That leaves out a number of the company’s other brands, including Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat and Skoda.

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That’s a pretty weak performance, but Lamborghini has already said they’re done with traditional auto shows because they’re “no longer aligned with our ethos.” Volkswagen also defended its commitment to three brands as a “strong presence”.

Even so, the show is shaping up to be a disappointment, as the publication says only a handful of foreign automakers will be attending, including Hyundai, Renault, Toyota and an assortment of Chinese brands. VDA spokeswoman Nina Wendorff also told them, “IAA Mobility is transitioning from a pure car show to a mobility platform” which will have “exciting firsts” ranging from ” electric bicycles, electric scooters, bicycles, electric cars to public transport”. Marketing hyperbole aside, public transport and bicycles aren’t exactly the things that get your heart pumping.

As well as having a lackluster automaker presence, the show takes an “analog and digital” approach that’s billed half face-to-face and half online. Organizers argue this is an advantage as the digital aspect will allow them to reach a wider audience via live streams.

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