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Munich Motor Show: Everything Shows About Big Cars

Since the curtains were pulled very sharply on the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020, there haven’t really been any major motor shows held in Europe since.

But the IAA Mobility event – also known as the Munich Motor Show – which takes place this week sees a return to form, as a range of global automakers descend on the German city to unveil their latest and better new cars.

Let’s take a look at the most important new cars at the Munich Motor Show …

BMW i Vision Flyer

There is a big avant-garde concept car theme at this year’s Munich Motor Show and first of all the BMW i Vision Circular, which is an innovative model that aims to preview what a model might look like. compact of the firm in 2040.

Above all, it prioritizes sustainability and would be made from 100% recycled material, which can then be fully recyclable in the future as well, compared to 30% in current BMWs.

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Concept of Cupra Urban Rebel

Cupra is preparing well for an era of electrification, with the brand poised to bring a range of new electric and hybrid vehicles to market in the coming years. One of them will be a new affordable electric model, previewed here with the Urban Rebel concept car.

Revealed at the Munich Motor Show, the show model is more motorsport-inspired, with the huge rear spoiler and flared body kit adorning it, it’s unlikely to make its way onto the road. production car.

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Dacia jogging pants

Dacia may not have unveiled its Jogger until Friday, but it quickly made its public debut at the Munich motor show. This is a brand new model for the budget brand, and it is a seven-seater model, which is said to be the cheapest in its class.

Offering room for seven adults, a large trunk and a choice of gasoline options from launch, Dacia also said the model will spawn a hybrid version, which will be the first of its kind to be sold by the firm.

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Hyundai IONIQ 5 robotic axis

Hyundai is not showing traditional cars at the Munich Motor Show, but rather shows its commitment to mobility. And its main showcase is a new autonomous robotaxi based on its latest IONIQ 5 EV.

Developed with driverless car specialists Motional, the model uses autonomous Level 4 technology which means it can operate safely without a driver, and will be used for the public driverless taxi service which will begin in 2023. Still At the show, Hyundai announced its intention to become fully carbon neutral by 2045, while it will stop selling combustion cars in Europe by 2035.

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Mercedes EQG

Mercedes absolutely dominated this year’s Munich motor show, and one of its main highlights is the Concept EQC – a model that features an electric version of the brand’s G-Wagon off-roader.

It’s a model that will also go into production, with Mercedes saying it offers a “promising glimpse into what a battery-electric-powered Mercedes G-Class will be capable of.”

Mercedes EQB

While Mercedes may have showcased its EQB earlier this year, this new electric SUV has now been detailed, with the firm confirming that both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models will be available and that it will be a seven. full places.

This is the company’s most family-friendly electric car to date, and it will likely appeal to customers who want to switch to an electric vehicle without compromising on practicality.

Mercedes EQE

Mercedes also unveiled the new EQE – its second electric sedan which can be considered an electric version of the brand’s E-Class. It’s 9cm shorter than the EQS and promises more interior space than you get with the brand’s conventional models of the same size.

With a range of up to 410 miles promised in its premium forms, as well as the company’s remarkable “Hyperscreen” interior configuration.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS

Maybach is the luxury division of Mercedes, and while selling even higher-end versions of its S-Class and GLS SUVs, the brand is poised to switch to electric cars – as the Mercedes-Maybach EQS concept envisioned.

Its first model will be an SUV, with this concept called “close to production”. It places particular emphasis on rear seat comfort and technology, with a production version slated for 2022. Mercedes will also launch a production SUV version of the EQS ahead of Maybach.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53

While Mercedes may already have a range of electric cars on offer, its AMG division has yet to work on any of them. So far that has been with the debut of the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53. Offering almost 750 hp and over 1,000 Nm of torque, it is said to be able to hit 60 mph from a dead stop in about three. seconds.

It will rival Tesla’s “Plaid” versions of its Model S, and Mercedes promises there will be more than just its wacky performance, because it will be fun to drive as well.

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Porsche Mission R

Porsche took the opportunity in Munich to show what the future of motorsport could look like with the Mission R concept. As alongside the brand’s road cars, racing models play a big part in its success.

It’s a vision of all-electric motorsport, with its twin-electric motor setup delivering well over 1,000 hp and allowing surprising performance – 0-60 mph, for example, takes just 2.6 seconds. Impressive charging speeds also mean that a 15-minute break after the race would recharge its battery from five to 80 percent.

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Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric

which will accompany the Zoe in its EV range. This funky sedan benefits from an SUV-inspired style and a multitude of new technologies, while benefiting from a new interior design for the French firm.

It’s not a concept car, but a production-ready model that will hit showrooms early next year. Sitting on a new platform known as the CMF-EV, the Mégane E-Tech Electric will be available in several forms and will offer an electric range of up to 292 miles.

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Volkswagen ID. Life

While Volkswagen could quickly expand its electric vehicle lineup, so far the brand has missed out on this low-cost entry-level electric car – a void the German company aims to fill with the ID. Life.

Although presented in concept form, this show car will preview the brand’s new entry-level crossover, slated for 2025. Using a smaller version of the popular MEB electric car platform from the brand, Volkswagen promises the ID. Life will only cost € 20,000 (£ 17,000).

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