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Munich Motor Show 2021: Featured Cars

James attwood

Porsche Mission R

Porsche’s Munich reveal is exciting in two ways. First of all, this is a preview of a future single battery electric sports car racer, which could perhaps take electric motorsport beyond a handful of series for pilots. and professional teams. Given Porsche’s heritage in motorsport, there’s no reason to doubt that it could really hit the circuits in 2025. And the second reason Mission R matters? Well, while no one at Porsche utters the words ‘Electric Cayman’, denials without denial leave little to question …

Felix Page

Mercedes-Benz EQG

How many times a year do we hear the expression “reinventing an icon”? Many nameplates and sacred models have been resurrected recently, but these “reborn” cars rarely have any tangible connection to their ancestors or inspirations. Not so with the new EQG, which takes one of the oldest and most recognizable cars on the road and updates its powertrain to align it with its new stable mates, without make so much fuss. It’s still a blocky and functional design, and while the combustion engine is gone, there’s not much to hate about the promise of improved off-road capability from the EV setup to four engines. A fashion statement? Sure, the G-Class has been for years, but it’s product protection at its best and most subtle – now wait until Mercedes brings the Gullwing back…

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