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Munich Auto Show Conclusion, 2022 Toyota Tundra Spotted Undisguised & Cute Microlino 2.0 Heads Into Production: Your Morning Briefing

Hello and welcome to our daily digest of automotive news from around the world, starting with …

Munich Motor Show 2021: A-to-Z summary of all the world premieres (day 2)

Day 02 of the Munich Motor Show brought even more premieres, including new cars like Kia, Wey, Cupra and Porsche. It has certainly been a welcome return for European auto shows as the pandemic lessens its grip on the world. And as always. CarScoops is here to give you a handy guide to everything you might have missed!

Cupra Tavascan Extreme-E concept hints at the brand’s second electric production car

One of the latest concepts to be revealed yesterday is this: the Cupra Tavascan Extreme-E. The Tavascan name has been used before, but now Cupra says it will translate to an electric SUV for 2024 with hints of the design shown in the concept. This future Extreme-E challenger features flax fiber construction for durability and features a plethora of 3D printed parts to reduce production times.

BMW Isetta-inspired Microlino 2.0 electric city car launched as final production

Released in its final form, the BMW-Isetta-inspired Microlino 2.0 will be available in three versions with three battery capacities. It took a while to hit the market, first presented in 2016, and now with a heavily reworked chassis compared to the original. But hey, we can forgive all that for its cute look and its revamped interior.

Toyota to spend $ 14 billion on battery development by 2030

Toyota has an ambitious goal of halving battery costs by the second half of the decade. To do so, they will invest $ 14 billion in the development of lithium-ion power supplies and solid-state batteries. Toyota also introduced a new cell structure for its nickel-metal hydride batteries that would double the power density.

Reader picks up standard 2022 Toyota Tundra truck without a mask

To thank CarScoops reader Nick D. for sharing this photo of an undisguised, non-TRD 2022 Toyota Tundra. The truck has T-shaped headlights, C-shaped taillights, a folded window line, stamped fenders, and a huge full-height grille. Changes under the hood of the new truck may include moving away from the V8 for a V6, similar to that of the last Land Cruiser.

Dacia Jogger unveiled on floating platform that looks larger IRL

Making its first public appearance at the 2021 IAA Mobility Show in Munich, the Dacia Jogger is being marketed as a seven-seater crossover. In the metal, it seems to draw a fine line between the estate and the SUV, with plenty of Volvo-inspired accents in the taillights and overall CrossCountry vibes. It promises to be the most affordable 7-seater on the market. Naturally.

Reckless young man crashes Tesla Model Y on side of warehouse

Police appear to be investigating an incident involving a Tesla Model Y, which was caught on camera smashing down the side of a warehouse. Although driven by a group of young people, the car has license plates and the owner is unknown. What is not debatable is how much worse it could have been, although the driver claimed “the shit isn’t slowing down, brother.” Fortunately, no one got hurt.

What else is in the news?

Alex Albon joins Williams as final 2022 F1 seats fall into place

Dominoes in the F1 driver world continue to fall as Alex Albon has been announced as Williams F1 driver for 2022, replacing George Russell. The Thai rider will return to the grid after being pulled from 2021 roster by Red Bull – although the energy drink team have kept him racing in DTM. He will join Nicholas Latifi who has also been confirmed for 2022.

Duck says you’re crazy

A duck named Ripper is said to be the first talking duck known to science. The duck has been found in Australia and repeatedly says what appears to sound like ‘fool,’ a phrase said to have been echoed by the keepers of the bird. The duck was also able to imitate the sound of a door slamming.

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