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Motor skills: how to prevent falls in the elderly

The bone domestic accidents are often underestimated or rather minimized. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), accidental or unintentional injuries are the second leading cause of death worldwideafter traffic accidents. And who are most vulnerable to these falls and serious/fatal blows? : the elderly.

So how can we help prevent them? The WHO suggests “the design prevention strategies which focus on educationform, create safer environmentsprioritize falls research and establish effective policies to reduce risk.

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Mariano Sassanoa professor at the Faculty of Human Motricity of the Inter-American Open University (UAI) and graduate in physical education, sport and health, underlined in this regard: “Falls can be avoided. There are many ways to do this, or at least decrease its prevalence: Aerobic exercise (treadmill, bike, walks, dance, etc.), muscle strength exercises (resistance training), stretching (such as pilates, gymnastics and yoga) and gait/balance (like judo, tai chi, etc.)”.

Physical activity is the key to building muscle at any age. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

For the specialist – also president of the Social Network of Human Rights for Active and Healthy Aging (RSDHEAS 23 Provinces) -, it is necessary that over 65 are evaluated by specialists through a “comprehensive test where their cognitive, functional and emotional functions”.

In case the the falls are repetitive and constant, this will indicate that the person is in a “weak situation”. “Falls can be caused by several factors: medical, functional, mental, psycho-emotional and pharmacological,” she said.

what is sarcopenia

the sarcopenia is the muscle loss and is associated with aging you all sedentary lifestyle.

It is not new that the physical activity is one of the pillars of a Healthy lifebut the muscles must also be strong so that they can fulfill their function of moving the body and keeping it firm.

As the years pass, we move less and the progressive loss of muscle mass and power.

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the osteologist Alicia Bagur explained that the muscle loss It is a consequence of the interaction of several factors: low protein intake, lack of physical activity, deficient levels of vitamin D and specific changes in muscle composition or quality with age.

Motor skills: tips to prevent falls in the elderly

Currently, it has been determined that the broken bones experienced by the elderly during their falls are not due to a low bone density or a problem with osteoporosis but at the lack of muscle strength.

At what age should we start worrying?

Between 20 and 25 years old, our muscular capital is at its maximum, being higher in men than in women. Since then it starts loss of muscle mass increasing decade after decade.

“From the age of 40, 8% of muscle mass is lost every 10 years. During the menopausewomen suffer from increased loss of muscle mass due to lack of estrogen. And from the age of 70, the loss increases remarkably,” said the specialist.

Nutrition and exercises to take care of the muscles

To prevent sarcopenia, it is essential Good nutrition and perform physical activity.

It is important to eat foods that provide good quality protein (meat, fish, milk, eggs or legumes). It is essential that the intake of this protein is present at breakfast as well as at lunch and dinner. It has even been shown that eating protein just after the physical exercise promotes the muscle tissue synthesis.

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Experts advise do exercises that require strength, such as those with weights or rubber bands. Weight and reps promote muscle tissue synthesis. People who have problems joints you can do this kind of exercises in water.

In this way -they clarify-, not only the health of inevitable deterioration over the years, but also keeps the body in shape.

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