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Mattel Launches Life-Size Barbie Extra EV at Los Angeles Auto Show

Mattel tapped into childhood nostalgia by giving the Fiat 500e a Barbie makeover.

Featured at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the iconic Barbie toy car gets a real-life interpretation of an electric vehicle. The Barbie Extra Car is a functional two-seater convertible designed as a promotional tool for Mattel’s latest line of fashion dolls and accessories. According to Road Show, the car has a fully electric powertrain that delivers 100 miles of range and 147 pound-feet of torque. Using CAD files, Mattel was able to duplicate the body of the small car on the real Fiat 500e. Enlarging it to fit the full-size vehicle, a five-axis router was used to cut out the pieces of foam that were carved around the body of the car. The 22-inch rear and 20-inch front wheels were all 3D printed before being hand painted.

The aesthetic of the vehicle resembles the toy version which sees the shimmering silver paintwork and wing-shaped doors. The rainbow wheels are also a major detail, especially the gold and star-shaped headlights. The toy car equivalent of the Barbie Extra Car is now available online and in-store at Walmart for US $ 30.

In case you missed it, Apple is looking to unveil a fully autonomous car in 2025.

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