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Mattel arrives at LA Motor Show with life-size Barbie Extra EV

What kid didn’t want their toy car to be a full-size road vehicle? Mattel showed serious commitment to this idea by unveiling a full-size EV version of the Fiat 500e-based Barbie Extra Car that looks like exactly like the little car, Roadshow reported.

On display now at the Los Angeles auto show, the additional car sits on a Fiat 500e chassis, with a fully electric powertrain delivering 100 miles of range and healthy 147 pound-feet of torque – enough to leave a Barbie behind. Extra on a human scale and its pets, accessories, etc. roam the city. At the same time, Mattel used CAD files to accurately duplicate the body of the small car and enlarge it in foam to fit the Fiat undercarriage.

Some of these details include shiny silver paint and wing-shaped doors. The 20 and 22 inch (front / rear) pink and rainbow wheels were apparently 3D printed and hand painted. The headlights are gold and star shaped, which is pleasant to the touch. Of course, the whole deal is designed to promote Mattel’s line of Barbie Extra dolls and accessories, but it should make the auto show a bit more accessible to kids.

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