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London Motor Show set to return in 2021

London Motor Show

The London Motor Show has announced its return in 2021 with a three-day event at Battersea Park.

After a series of annual shows between 2016 and 2019, the show took a year off in 2020, but will return next year between July 16 and July 18.

The show will focus on technology, electric and hybrid vehicles and luxury brands, with more affordable classic cars and city cars also represented. For the first time, there will also be areas for motorsports and motorcycles for the first time.

Organizers say visitors will be able to get up close to the vehicles on display, as well as interact with companies showcasing new technologies, such as those related to safety, electric powertrains or driverless cars.

The exhibits will also include virtual reality racing and the chance to meet automotive legends and influencers.

Alec Mumford, Chairman of the London Motor Show, said: “The last four years of shows have exceeded all of our expectations. The event was a continued success both for us as organizers and for our exhibitors.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming new visitors and returning visitors and exhibitors to Battersea Park in 2021, where we have already planned some very special exhibitions.

“The current global situation has shown us what we need to do to prepare for any eventuality and we have built evolutionary measures into our plans that allow us to incorporate all of the necessary guidelines into the show. We have a large space in a greenfield site with a lot of space and have designed the show so that everyone can have the best experience of their visit ”.

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