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Lexus convertible and Toyota Supra top Detroit auto show

It’s still in the concept stage, and there aren’t any details about when or how much, but from the looks of the car, it’s not far from showrooms. The strong design character and intriguing detailing of the LC Coupe results in a very clean and cohesive convertible form, as if it was designed to be shirtless from the start (which it undoubtedly was).

What kind of top will it have? The vogue is very big for lightweight fabric power tops, but Lexus has a history with retractable hardtops (remember the SC from the early 2000s?) and a “retractable roof housed under the rear deck lid” last convertible.

We’ll find out the truth in due course… and also which engine, V8 or hybrid, the convertible will use. Based on a video of the concept car in action, we’d definitely say V8.

Lexus has always been very ambitious with the LC, with good reason, and the company will be eager to see the convertible version extend its reach further into exalted sporting territory. Lexus sees the LC Convertible as a halo vehicle for the entire Lexus brand and prices are likely to reflect this, topping the Coupe’s current £76-92k range. Like the new Porsche 911 Cabriolet unveiled earlier this week and which Lexus will have in its sights, the LC convertible is a 2+2 with a practical trunk and all modern comforts.

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