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Kia Niro unveiled at Seoul Motor Show 2021

Design-wise, the Kia Niro has traces of the 2019 HabaNiro concept and follows the Opposites United design philosophy. The front fascia gets Kia’s signature ‘tiger face’ treatment, followed by LED daytime running lights with a ‘heartbeat’ pattern. The body gets a two-tone treatment with the wide rear pillar finished in a contrasting hue. The rear pillar also houses the vertical boomerang-shaped taillights.

The Kia Niro gets a ‘Greenzone Drive mode’, but what exactly is it? Greenzone Driving Mode automatically switches the Niro between plug-in hybrid and fully electric mode when driving in residential areas, schools and hospitals based on your driving habits and navigation data. Greenzone mode will also remember your favorite zones, home and work address if saved in the car’s navigation system.

We’ve mentioned that the Kia Niro uses sustainable materials, but what exactly and where? Kia says the Niro’s door panels use BTX-free paint, which basically means it uses water-based paint and is not made up of benzene, toluene and xylene isomers. . The interiors also use sustainable and recycled materials – the roof lining is made from recycled wallpaper, while the seats are made from Bio PU material with Tencel from eucalyptus leaves. The seat mechanism used here is also made of a lightweight material. You can also use the hangers on the back of the headrest.

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