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Introducing the BMW iX5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV

The BMW iX5 hydrogen fuel cell is still at the prototype stage and is being developed on the basis of the BMW X5.

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The BMW iX5 is based on the BMW X5 in terms of design.

IAA Mobility Fair 2021

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been on BMW’s radar for over two years now. Almost two years after unveiling the BMW I Hydrogen NEXT concept, the Bavarian automaker presented the BMW iX5 hydrogen fuel cell SUV at the IAA 2021 Munich motor show. The SUV is still at the prototype stage and it is being developed on the basis of the BMW X5. The SUV will be used for demonstration and test purposes from the end of next year and is expected to build on BMW’s expertise in electric vehicles.

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The BMW iX5 will use new Pirelli tires.

In terms of appearance, it is quite similar to the BMW X5, but also benefits from design elements specific to electric vehicles. For example, the inner border of the BMW grille, the inserts in the 22 inch aero wheels and the fixings in the outer part of the rear apron are all in BMW i Blue. The entry sills and the instrument panel bezels also feature the “hydrogen fuel cell” badge. The mesh inserts covering the cooling air openings on the front of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, as well as the rear apron and even its diffuser element have their own unique design. Then the ornamental grilles covering the BMW kidney grille, the lower air intakes and the two exterior air intakes as well as the body elements for the lower rear trim are all made using 3D printing. In addition, the BMW Group is the first automaker in the world to use Pirelli tires made exclusively from certified natural rubber and rayon, a wood-based material, in its production vehicles.

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The total power of the system is rated at 275 kW or approximately 373 hp.


Turning now to technology, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen combines the fuel cell with the fifth generation BMW eDrive system. The drive system uses hydrogen as fuel by converting it to electricity in a fuel cell – delivering electrical power of up to 125 kW or 168 hp, with water vapor as the only emission. This training power also allows him to maintain consistently high speeds over longer distances. The energy regeneration system is also present in the coasting and braking phases. It serves as a generator, supplying a power supply battery with energy and the energy stored in this supply battery is also used for lively driving maneuvers – delivering a system power of 369 hp. Next, the hydrogen needed to power the fuel cell is stored in two 700 bar carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) tanks, which together hold nearly six kilograms of hydrogen. It only takes three to four minutes to fill the hydrogen tanks.

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