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IAA Mobility Motor Show 2021 in design | Item

Held for the first time in Munich, the IAA Mobility fair replaces the Frankfurt Motor Show as Germany’s premier automotive event. And after using various digital platforms to showcase their vehicles for the past two years, European automakers are at the show in full force to show off production cars and concept cars.

Below is a list of all models with new or distinctive design details. the Automotive Design News The editorial team will keep this page updated as more models are unveiled.

Series cars

Dacia Jogging

The new Dacia Jogger was unveiled shortly before the IAA via a digital event, but more information has come to light since the Jogger hit the stand. Available as a five- or seven-seater, the design was kept simple and functional, with few noticeable frills. However, the size and shape of the Jogger are distinctive – it sits somewhere between a minivan, an SUV and a station wagon. It certainly stands out in the constant sea of ​​SUV versions.

Kia Sportage

After Kia recently posted sketches online, CDN has been digging into the details of the European version of the Sportage. His integration into IAA Mobility allows the press and the public to get closer to him. It’s a significant moment for the Korean company, marking the first time in the car’s 28-year history that a specific European version has been developed.

Renault Megane E-TECH Electric

The new all-electric Mégane has several key differentiators when compared to the standard combustion engine variant. Its overall shape has been refined, with a lower roof, more pointed bodywork and new air vents dotted around, all of which aim to improve aerodynamics and maximize range. The front has a new light signature, with a thin strip of LEDs running down to join the lower ventilation area. Inside, the focus is on connectivity and the large dual-screen unit that was first seen in the TreZor, Symbioz and Morphoz concept cars.

Concept cars

Audi Grandsphere and Skysphere concepts

Both unveiled before the IAA Mobility show, the Grandsphere and Skysphere concepts at the heart of the Audi stand. We’ve already covered both models in detail, but their presence at the Munich event is too big to ignore. Very different in size and shape, the two models give a glimpse of what the future Audi range will be like.

BMW i Vision Flyer

BMW’s new i Vision Circular concept is a mobility study for the year 2040 that mainly touches on two topics: sustainability and luxury. For example, the aluminum and steel used in construction will have already been used in other projects. The wedge shape includes a new kidney grille that has been redesigned as a digital surface that spans the entire front end and merges with the headlights. The interior has no center console to maximize legroom, and the IP features a large V-shaped center section that acts as a user interface.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG

Described by the German OEM as a “close-to-production study”, the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is simply the electrification of a G-wagon. Many of the traditional G-Class traits remain, like its off-road capability and iconic old-school shape, but there are a few notable differentiators. The normal grille has been replaced by a glossy black rectangle that spans the full width of the front end and includes the circular lamps as well as an animated light graphic area. There are no interior pictures yet, so stay tuned!

Mercedes-Maybach Concept EQS

According to Mercedes, the Concept EQS shown at the IAA is a preview of the first all-electric production model that will soon be marketed as the Maybach. The SUV is characterized by its huge grille area with vertical chrome elements as well as the narrow lighting design at the front and rear. The interior is dominated by the Hyperscreen MBUX. The floating center console and plush seats are illuminated by ambient lighting, while some gold accents act as a break from the white surfaces. Oh and yes, don’t forget the vase and the flower, as well as the large storage unit which, according to Mercedes, can be used to store “folding tables, a box of champagne glasses or a refrigerated compartment”.

Smart Concept #1

Smart says its curvaceous Concept No. 1 is close to production. A big statement, because when it’s done, it will be the first SUV from a brand synonymous with its iconic small city cars. But smart says the SUV will have “very compact exterior dimensions,” allowing it to continue to fly the urban vehicle flag. It will also be more luxurious inside, with metallic surfaces and mood lighting bringing character and color.

Volkswagen ID. THE LIFE

A small fully electric car dedicated to urban mobility, the VW ID. The LIFE concept will become a production car in 2025, according to the German supplier. It was designed with the idea of ​​reducing costs as VW hopes to make electric vehicles “accessible to even more people”. Its boxy exterior appears to be inspired by the Honda e, but the minimalist cabin doesn’t include any giant screens – perhaps hinting at the digital detox trend that’s played a key role in other recent concepts like the Tata Sierra. .

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