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Here’s why gross motor skills are important for your child’s success

AAll children are different; However, early recognition of delays in gross motor skills allows for intervention and therapy to help your child. Tracking developmental milestones is essential in preparing your child for success. Jumping, running, crawling, and standing are milestones that vary from child to child, but here’s a guide to help you understand their importance and keep track of your child’s progress.

What is gross motor skills?

Activities that use larger muscle groups and involve coordination and strength are gross motor skills. More intricate and complex skills, such as holding a pencil and picking up small objects, are considered fine motor skills. Postural control, balance, strength and proper functioning of the joints are all necessary for the proper development of gross motor skills. Examples include:

  • Raising his head
  • Rolling
  • Crawling
  • Session
  • Upright
  • Market
  • to jump
  • Bounce a ball
  • Ride a bike

Why is gross motor skills so important?

Children from infants to 3 years old learn through play. Therefore, movement is essential for a child’s development. Missing milestones can lead to delays in one area which can worsen in several areas and also inhibit daily functions like walking, running and exploring. For example, if a child has difficulty balancing, they may also have difficulty putting on their own clothes or playing in the playground.

Parents trust ABC Pediatric Therapy

As parents, researching the best options and the best possible support is a priority. ABC Pediatric Therapy has experience working with children of all ages and transforming their growth.

“Ariah arrived for physical therapy with concerns about frequent falls from the inward rotation of her right foot. She was fiercely independent and did not appreciate supervised tasks. However, she responded well to a play-based therapeutic approach and soon began to see improvements in lower limb strength, balance and coordination, which resulted in improved gait and function. —Alex M. Buchkovich, PT, DPT

Find out if your child is on the right track by using a Free online screening tool

It is important to have a baseline of developmental milestones to track your child’s growth. ABC’s interactive screening tool asks questions about fine and gross motor skills, sensoriality, and speech to understand if your child is reaching critical developmental milestones.

Seek professional help

ABC offers individual therapy, age-appropriate equipment, and playful techniques to strengthen muscles, stimulate coordination, and improve a child’s overall mobility. The innovative Playground Gymnasium has been designed to develop physical abilities in a safe and enjoyable environment where children are excited to learn. If you are unsure of your child’s development, contact ABC Pediatric Therapy for professional support. You will meet with a therapist to discuss your concerns and a treatment plan that best suits your child’s needs.

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