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GWM Launches HAVAL DARGO Worldwide at Jeddah Motor Show

The Jeddah Motor Show is one of the largest motor shows in the Middle East market and it is also the largest and most influential auto show in Saudi Arabia. This time around, it attracted a total of 45 well-known media who attended the on-site show. As the shining star of the show, HAVAL DARGO not only attracted many spectators with its hardcore and sleek exterior design and state-of-the-art interior layouts, but also won the Best Car Launched Award at the Jeddah Motor Show by the LifeStyle Media. “The DARGO looks very off-road and is well suited to Saudi terrain, with great potential for market development,” said dealer GWM.

The worldwide name of DARGO is based on the Chinese name which literally means “big dog” representing the faithful companion of mankind. The long-awaited Chinese name was voted on by a large number of HAVAL fans and Chinese internet users through numerous online calls for applications. This sparked a wave of user discussions and became a hot topic for quite some time. This new model also represents the “Dare to go” product concept. David xu, the General Manager of GWM GCC, believed that DARGO hoped to bring the users the spiritual pursuit to dare to break free and to move forward with courage.

This advanced new model is defined as the 3/4 scale car that combines the advantages of the urban SUV and the off-road SUV aimed at creating a whole new category. According to the research of user demands, HAVAL classifies all-terrain sedan and crossover cars into several levels, including daily-use sedans, station wagons for travel, urban SUVs with high seating position and large space. suitable for city driving, and special hard-core SUV for driving in nature. In addition to the above, there should also be a model that combines urban and urban SUVs into one to meet all scenarios, from city driving to off-road driving on country trips. DARGO was therefore created to provide users with a much more complete driving experience. .

So far, DARGO has become a popular new model and is selling well in China Marlet. A little over a year after its launch, its cumulative sales have exceeded 100,000 units. Recently, this car also won the title of the most popular SUV of 2021 as the first in the list of Chinese automotive industry customer satisfaction index.

As a brand new global model, HAVAL DARGO will start the presale in Saudi Arabia. In the near future, this model will also be available in Iraq, Chile, Russia, and other countries to support more and more users on the global market.


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