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Germany’s largest auto show, IAA Mobility, focuses on environmentally friendly technologiesNews

Germany’s biggest auto show has gone green for 2021.
IAA Mobility, which has moved from Frankfurt to Munich, is no longer just about cars, but about mobility in general.
Under the theme “Future Mobility”, this year’s edition offers not only new four-wheeled vehicles, but also electric scooters and bicycles, as well as trams, buses and self-driving cars.
Not every automaker is in attendance, but German heavyweights Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen are all there, promoting their latest products, from electric vehicles to recyclable concept cars.
Some praised the exhibition and its efforts to introduce more sustainable modes of transport.

“It’s good that it’s happening in different places. It’s something new and it fits the times we live in. We’re all talking about virtuality. And I think that’s great and exciting.”

But others doubt the event is necessary amid the pandemic.

“It’s interesting how everyone can see that the industry still has enough money to put up big stands like these. I don’t want to be negative about it, but I think that they have to do a little more to persuade people at the end of the day”

A car expert says abandoning the cars themselves means the car show loses some of its meaning.

“There are a lot of bicycles, but there are fewer cars. A car show should focus, because the car is experiencing a great renaissance. The car is very much on the rise with the electric car”

According to Reuters, environmental groups like Greenpeace are planning a big protest on Saturday against what they call “greenwashing” of the auto industry.
One activist organization even warned of “mass civil disobedience”.
As a result, the motor show, which ends on Sunday, will see the largest police presence for an event in Munich for two decades.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.

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