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Fairview students hone their fine motor skills with seasonal paints | Herald of Copperas Cove

A circle of orange paint, a circle of red paint, and a circle of green paint invited Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary students in teacher Lindsey Feil’s classroom to dip their fingers and show off their painting skills.

“I paint a tree like autumn. I do polka dots all over the place,” student Jacobi Cross said. “Autumn is the season we just came out of and it’s when the leaves fall from the trees.”

As part of Essential Texas Knowledge and Skills, students learned about the seasons and weather and were thrilled when they were told to clean up their desks and get ready to paint. In addition to the three large paint dots, Feil provided the students with a canvas of a bare tree and explained that they had to dip their fingers into the colors one by one and make small dots all over the tree and on the soil to create the impression of leaves. .

“It’s a tree for fall, not winter,” said student Paisley Lawless. “We paint autumn trees because all the leaves fall and then they spill out onto the ground.”

With the increasing use of technological devices, students seemed to enjoy stepping away from the screen and playing in paint to create their masterpieces.

“They really like to paint, and we study the weather and the seasons,” Feil said. “Painting is good for students and helps them make connections between what they are learning and what it looks like. It’s super important to give them that time to express themselves and it’s really good for sensory exposure.

Studies show that finger painting has many benefits. Disorderly play stimulates the senses. Finger painting strengthens the muscles of the hand and fingers and contributes to the development of fine motor skills. Finger painting is a free and open medium of expression that allows students to retain the information they have learned for longer periods of time.

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