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E-Sport to boost basic motor skills | The new times

The Kigali Arena, in partnership with the Rwanda Automobile Club (RAC), will launch a state-of-the-art esports studio on May 9 at the Kigali Arena.

E-Sport is a video game that accommodates most of the usual sports disciplines such as running, football and basketball.

The studio will allow gamers to enjoy the latest games such as WRC9 (World Rally Championship 9), Formula1, Dirt Racing, NBA (National Basketball Association), and FIFA, among others.

The e-sport studio will be used in particular to promote motorsport to the general public by using racing simulators, as well as video games. The game setup is digital console based, players can play individually or play in an online community.

This is a new category of motorsport; Esports is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world of motorsport, having been certified by the International Motorsport Federation in 2018.

This dedicated community of online racers from around the world often produces real race drivers.

“The space will mainly be used to promote grassroots motorsport using car simulators, but will also be able to host other games,” said Christian Gakwaya, president of Rwanda Automobile Club.

“Video games are common, but the esports studio we’re setting up here at Kigali Arena is the first of its kind and it’s part of our mission as the Kigali Arena team, to create a place for high-end entertainment,” Kyle Schofield, the Managing Director of QA Venue Solutions, which manages the Kigali Arena was revealed.

Anyone over the age of six is ​​invited to join in the fun. Opening days will be Tuesday to Sunday, advance reservations are required so be sure to contact Kigali Arena before you go.

There are also monthly subscription options for those who want to make this their regular playground.

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