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Cool Concepts from the Frankfurt Motor Show

The BMW Concept 4 is so good, if you disregard those kidney grilles.

Andrew Hoyle / Tour

Well we’ve walked our feet here at Frankfurt Motor Show
and found the latest and greatest debuts from around the world. Mixed among all production vehicles and cool cars, we definitely won’t get
in the US, there are concept cars that run the gamut from radical off-roaders to sleek EVs. Here are four of our favorites, plus a bonus monstrous SUV.

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The best concept cars from the Frankfurt Motor Show


Audi AI: Concept Trail Quattro

If you are looking for an autonomous, electric and all-terrain vehicle, this concept is for you. Audi
claims the glass pod can go 250-310 miles on a single charge, but rough surfaces would likely bring that down to somewhere near 150 miles of range. The company doesn’t give a word on power, but the concept cranks out 740 lb-ft of torque, for all the low-end grunt you need to get over obstacles.

Drivers would use an app on their phone for the gauge cluster and, get it, there are drones for the lights. There are “five rootless, triangular, electrically operated drones with integrated matrix LED elements”. Drones can also provide video feedback to the cabin, because of course they can.

BMW Concept 4

If you can pass the extra-large kidney grille over the BMW Concept 4you’re rewarded with a handsome coupe the previews both the next Series 4 and the electric i4. Small, sleek headlights flank an intricately sculpted hood, leading to a stunning profile. At the rear, you’ll find a large diffuser and taillights reminiscent of the latest series 8. Decked out in that rich red color, the Concept 4 could easily be the prettiest car at the show, save for that horse-toothed maw.

Cupra Tavascan

You may not have heard of Cupra, the performance sub-brand of Volkswagen Group member Seat. But he impressed us with the Tavascan coupe concept here in Frankfurt. Built on VW’s modular MEB platform, this electric vehicle produces 302 horsepower and can store enough starting juice in its 77 kilowatt-hour battery for a range of 280 miles, based on European WLTP estimates.

The Tavascan’s design can only be described as sleek, with a steeply sloping rear window leading to full-width taillights. Its 22-inch wheels are housed under the fenders, and you’ll see a few working air vents to keep the battery cool and help the Tavascan glide through the air.

Hyundai 45

This exercise in style hyundai
recalls the 45-year-old Pony coupe concept, this time interpreted through what the company calls a “Sensuous Sportiness” design language. the 45 concepts is full of crisp creases along the body and precise 45-degree angles, with distinctive LED light signatures and doors that open from the center.

Inside, this self-driving EV is open and airy, with chairs that rotate toward each other, lots of wood and fabric trim, and a large screen that spans the width of the dash. The overall effect is hip and modern and we can’t wait to see how well this design aesthetic carries over to future models.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS

If you want to see mercedes
‘ idea of ​​a sustainable, carbon-neutral future, look no further than the Vision EQS electrical concept. The headliner is made from recycled plastic and this soft-looking leather is actually faux cowhide. Even the wood trim inside is eco-friendly.

LED lights abound in the EQS. There are 940 in the grill that light up at seemingly random times and 229 LEDs, each in its own three-pointed star cutout, that function as the taillights. The headlights are actually four holographic lenses that rotate in a pattern and display images or even a hologram.

Two electric motors create 469 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, so not only is the Vision EQS good for the environment, but it should also be good for lots of fun.

Ramsmobile RM-X2

What can I say about the Ramsmobile RM-X2 that pictures can not say better? Although the SUV is a production vehicle, none of the beasts have been sold. Maybe it’s because of its starting price of $999,999, or maybe it’s because a Kardashian sister hasn’t seen one yet. Anyway, I’m putting it in the concept category because it’s too weird not to.

Power is provided by the 6.2-litre LT5 V8 engine from the Corvette ZR1 or a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V8, presumably from GM’s heavy-duty truck fleet. You can get it armored, add a continuous 24 inch wide tread for extra traction, fit it with 40 inch tires and my favorite add an electric hookah that moderates the smoke temperature probably for facilitate inhalation. I don’t know, I don’t like hookah, but you, Ramsmobile.

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