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Children’s motor skills deteriorated during lockdown: Dutch study

The motor skills of many elementary school children deteriorated after the coronavirus was first locked out last year compared to before the lockdown. According to researchers from the Mulier Institute, the biggest differences were visible in the youngest children in groups 1 and 2. They obtained particularly low scores on the balancing part.

“This suggests that plenty of exercise is important for developing balance skills,” according to the Sports Research Institute. The decline in motor skills is probably due to the loss of sports activities organized for elementary school children. “They could no longer play sports in their sports association and no longer had physical education classes at school,” according to the Institut Mulier.

Primary schools had to close due to the Covid-19 outbreak last year. It was also not allowed to train in associations or participate in competitions.

“Young children and the weakest mobiles seem to suffer the most detrimental effects, while these were not clearly visible in older and more mobile children,” the institute concluded.

According to the researchers, it is recommended that more attention be paid to weaker children for the 2021/2022 school year. “The weakest group can be helped by a differentiated offer in physical education classes and by additional support.”

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