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BMW i Vision Circular unveiled at the Munich Motor Show

Inside, despite the interiors using recycled materials and 3D printed parts, it is luxurious and spacious. It can seat four adults in its lounge seats covered in velor upholstery, which will also be made from recycled plastics. The wooden dashboard will have a 3D printed crystal body to add futuristic visual depth to the cabin. All relevant information will be displayed on the windshield via a head-up display and can be customized to user preference. The steering wheel will be 3D printed with bio-based material and it also has an integrated “crystal interface system” which has “phygital pads” within reach of the driver’s thumb to operate.

In addition to reinventing the innovative design and manufacture of electric vehicles, BMW will also offer the possibility of using its vehicles as a mobile energy storage device to provide energy when needed in an environment such as in other buildings and we can assume to charge other electric vehicles as well. And BMW says this concept car can also feed power back into the grid during peak demand.

The BMW i Vision Concept is the imagination of engineers based on the technological advances available now, in the present. Although it is planned to be manufactured in 2040, we can assume to see some, if not all, of the aforementioned features in future BMW products.

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