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Best Fidget quilts for engaging motor skills –

Designed to occupy the hands, fidget quilts are blankets covered with embellishments and trims. Zippers, string, pockets, snaps and other accessories that invite to the touch are common, as are fabrics with textures ranging from silky to fluffy. Blankets can be of great help for people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or memory loss, providing tactile stimulation that helps maintain fine motor skills. They can also help relieve anxiety and boredom and, depending on the design, even strengthen memory. More than aids, fidget quilts are also works of art, which is not surprising since many are handmade. The quilts below are unique, but you can find more in the Amazon storefronts of businesses.

1. GeriGuard Solutions Fidget duvet

This quilt combines the home feel of a patchwork quilt with many details designed to exercise the hands and the mind. It’s not only decorated with plenty of textural elements to encourage exploration – think ribbons, beads, tassels, and more. – but also with interactive objects that create sound, such as bells and a whistle. Handcrafted in the USA, everything is stitched securely to withstand hours of tugging. A fleece backing makes it a comfortable blanket for cold days.


To buy:
GeriGuard Solutions Fidget Duvet

$ 65.95

2. Fidget Memory Lane blanket

These quilts are a bit subtle in their design, but we love that they come in different themes so you can choose the one that resonates the best with its recipient. Among the offerings there are blankets with cats, birds, fishing and sewing. Embellishments like zippers, buttons, chunky embellishments, and even whole stuffed animals add tactile interest, and each quilt has a soft fleece edge.

Best Fidget Quilts To Engage The Motor


To buy:
Memory Lane Fidget Blanket

$ 49.00

3. Simple Prime Fidget Pad

The second smallest option on our list, this notebook measures just 12 inches by 27 inches. This makes it very convenient to carry; the user can either engage with him at a table or place him on his lap. Despite its modest size, this sensory item still offers a good range of items to engage with, including straps with buckles, on and off buttons, and rope to weave in and out of a row. of holes.

To buy:
Simple Prime Fidget Pad

$ 25.99

4. Fidgit photo cover

This is a quilt made with care from quality materials. It’s hand-sewn by an Indiana-based mother-daughter team that combines new and recycled fabrics and objects to create vibrant, eye-catching designs. Velcro straps, zippers and ribbon loops are beautifully integrated on a soft fleece backing, and the quilt is finished with a sleeve to display a favorite photo.

To buy:
Fidgit photo cover

$ 88.00

5. Restless Remedy Fidget Quilt

Sold in sets of six blankets, this option is a smart choice for senior residences and other group facilities. It’s also a good deal if you want to give a recipient lots of options to keep in different places. Each is sewn with three layers to provide warmth, with the top layer adorned with fabrics in a wide assortment of textures. Buyers can also contact the seller to arrange custom and personalized designs.

To buy:
Restless Remedy Fidget Quilt

$ 155.00

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