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Beijing Motor Show 2020 Concept Car Roundup

Great Wall Ora Futuristic Concept

Always wanted one of those quirky, adorable Trabants, but backed down because of their horror? Well then Great Wall might have made the car for you. The Futurist concept is a retro electric luxury sedan manufactured under the Ora brand. The interior of the car strongly resembles an American yacht from the 1950s while the exterior resembles a modernized version of a compact car from the Soviet bloc. Chinese sources say the car is designed by ex-Land Rover Phil Simmons and is based on the company’s new “Lemon” platform. Great Wall says the car is “almost production ready” but remains silent on whether it will actually put it into production.

For all the latest news, follow the Daily Star’s Google News channel.

Neta Eureka 03 Concept

Eureka Model 3 Nete’s response to the Tesla Model. The exterior of the car looks like a tasteful update to the Lincoln design from mid-2010, while the interior is left to speculation as Neta left all the windows blacked out. Despite the lack of dashboard photos, the Eureka 03 is one of the few cars to give precise figures. The has a range of 800 KM rated by NEDC and can reach 0-100 in 4 seconds. The company has also confirmed that it is putting the concept into production and that it will hit the market around 2022.

Qoros milestone concept

Either the designer of this car isn’t shy or they are big fans of Cyberpunk. The Qoros Milestone is an avant-garde design, with motion-controlled sliding doors, idle wheels, and lights that illuminate the four corners of both ends. The interior is taken straight from an early 2000s sci-fi video game, with a removable steering wheel remote control and a holographic interface that covers the entire windshield. Technical information on the vehicles is hard to come by, but Chinese media claim that Qoros developed the concept to “accommodate an extended-range powertrain,” which means we at least know it’s a hybrid.

Honda SUV e: concept

Shifting from Chinese brands to a familiar nameplate, we have the Honda SUV e: concept. Japanese automakers say the car “points in the direction of a future mass-production model,” and will be their first EV in the Chinese market. The design of the car is nothing special, resembling a minimalist version of Honda’s current design language. The special feature of the car is its advanced omnidirectional driver assistance systems, which improve the performance of recognition, prediction and decision-making. Oh, and for those who are excited about the 3-door SUV, Chinese sources indicate that the production version of the car will be a 5-door. Which is sadly typical of the modern Honda.

Honorable mention: Ford sculpture “Future Design”

We give it a special mention because unlike all the other entries on this list, this one is not a car. What is a Ford sculpture, depicting a vehicle profile. The sculpture features a front section with a massive grille, with its long hood flowing to a cockpit-like race car cockpit. The rear tapers into a teardrop shape, giving the overall design a flowing fin-shaped aesthetic. Ford says the sculpture is a glimpse into their future design language, which will bring a “Progressive Energy in Strength” look to future cars. I guess we now know that massive grills aren’t going away anytime soon.

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