Things to do Before Going to a Cigar Bar and Lounge

Even when it may not be possible to smoke your cigar in any bar, you would need to figure out a cigar bar and lounge where you can relax as you smoke your cigar. All you would need to ensure is that the cigar bar and lounge in question is licensed and hence no chances of colliding with the authorities as you have some good moments with your cigar. You would, however, need to check whether the cigar bar and lounge you go to permits smoking cigarettes or it exclusively allows only cigar smoking. You would need an environment where you have a gentlemen’s club ambience that also include some perfect interior to allow you to feel your cigar. When compared to newbies, individuals who have been smoking cigar for sometimes now may have has experiences with the best cigar bar and lounge setups while newbies may not know much about the best cigar bar and lounge. While searching for a den may be one thing, smoking the right way be yet another hindrance the newbies may be struggling to deal with.

To begin with, you would need to make a deft cut also known as an opening at the end of the cigar using a cigar cutter of choice. You would need to remember that the open end tends to be placed on your lips. However, you would need to be careful when cutting to avoid instances where you cut the cigar and unravel the whole cigar. You would remember to make sure that you draw cigar smoothly before lighting. Where it is not, you would need to make a larger cut to admit more air.

You would also need to know that using a butane lighter, a match or a cedar spill when lighting a cigar is the same. You would need to make sure that you toast the foot of the cigar as you prepare it for lighting. You would then hold the cigar at 45 degrees angle and then have the tip of the flame under the tuck end of your cigar. You would need to remember instance where you get the wrapper charred as it would expose you as an amateur. To readily accept the flame, you would need to make sure that the tobacco is humid. You would also need to make sure that you rotate the cigar as you toast it with the intention of having its whole circumference smoldering. It would also be wise to note that you sip a cigar like wine, allow the smoke in the mouth with the intention of feeling the flavor.

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